Top 5 Summer Must Haves

So for my first post on my new and improved site, i decided to write about something relatable, whether you’re at home for the summer months, on holiday, or maybe have planned just a few days out. I decided to give my insight on some of the more smaller, cheaper, day to day cool things that can contribute towards an overall 100% TOP KNOTCH summer.

Knee Length Shorts, IN EVERY COLOUR.

The days of the wedgie making, bum cheek hanging, short short days are GONE my friend, and i can safely say i am A.O.K. about it. Don’t get me wrong, if you like wearing them, you do you. But coming from a plus size gal who can suffer from serious chub rub during the summer months, saying this new trend is a blessing, is an understatement. Also i feel like they give a bit more comfort compared to shorter shorts, as you don’t feel like you have to pull them down over your butt every time you stand up. As i’m now at the fine age of 20, i have realised that comfort is everything, as by just having uncomfortable clothes can cause anything from annoyance to anxiety. So knee shorts for president!

The dark denim shorts (left) are from Evans. I bought them at least 5 years ago and have only recently started wearing them. I found some similar here.

The black denim shorts (middle) are from H&M Plus, and are the comfiest denim shorts i own. I was a little judgy of H&M not long ago, because their regular sizes only go up to a 14-16, but never realised that online (and some stores but none near me) THEY DO PLUS! Life saver. I managed to find the exact ones, so see them here.

The blue ‘tracksuit’ style shorts (right) are actually from Primark Mens. Big, baggy, and comfy. Thats what you can get out of mens clothing, especially the lounge wear. I wouldn’t particularly wear these if i was going out, but if i was going to the pool, beach or to the corner shop, or maybe just slopping about at home, these bad boys are the Much to my disgust, Primark don’t have a website, but i found some similar on Matalan Mens.

A little helping hand for that ‘summer glow’.

I have never really been one for self tan, but for some reason this year i have looked more like Caspar the friendly ghost than usual, and that’s saying something as my usual is pretty much A4 paper pale. So i did a little digging on the best gradual tan, that is a good moisturiser for your skin but also just gives you just a tint of colour. I knew before looking that regular self tan would be a monstrosity on myself, so that’s why gradual tan seemed to be the way to go. Its not too expensive, and i don’t see how you can go wrong with dove, all of their products are suitable for sensitive skin, and have been trialed and tested for years, so that’s good enough for me! You can get this from most drug stores, but here is a link.

If you’re lucky enough to have more that 0.01% melanin, and you don’t want/need to tan, it is still important to keep your skin hydrated during the summer, because even though you think dry skin would come just in the winter, the summer months are just drying. But this doesn’t mean you have to go all out and buy super medical cream, if creams and lotions really are not you thing (like me ew), then get something fun! That you can put on after your shower, that dries evenly and smells great. The one above, is my mum’s pick, she SWEARS by it, and i’d hate to say it because i know she is going to read this, but her skin is great, always smooth, no dry patches, and i am JEALOUS. Victoria’s Secret have an array of lotions, and if they are all as good as this one, then everyone’s a winner! Find the link here.

A good chic flicky book to get into.

I refuse to go on holiday without a book, because the rest of my life i simply just don’t have a lot of time to read, especially one day after another. You find work, family, or even just noise gets in the way of reading, but when you’re on holiday, you know you have got time to just sit, relax and read. Even if you’re not going away this year, put it on your to do list to find somewhere quiet in your area, to just go and sit and read. Sometimes its nice to get out of your own life and into someone else’s. Now, i am going to cause controversy here, but, under no circumstances, DO NOT buy books, from book stores!!!!! Sounds stupid, right? Well, if you want to pay double the actual price, you can go into WHSmith, Waterstones, etc. But please learn from my mistakes, check your super market/stores first!!! The Sophie Kinsella book above is one of her new ones out, and i paid £8.99 in WHSmith for it, the next day, i went into Tesco, and they were two books for £7, including the WHOLE series of the new Sophie Kinsella books!!!! Mad as hell doesn’t even describe it. So please, don’t do a me, go into bloody Tesco and save yourself £6.50. I couldn’t find them on the Tesco website, i don’t think they do home deliveries that include books, lol. But i found it on amazon if you would like to have a read of what it is about. (just don’t buy because still expensive go to the supeRMARKET) -here is the link.

Comfy Shooz.

Slides get a YES from me. There is nothing better, than a comfy pair of flippy flops. Slides do it for me because they’re not super girly, but you can get them in all different designs and patterns. Sorry Havaiana’s move aside. I got mine from Hollister mens, as i liked the wording but they didn’t have them in women, so i completely winged the sizing. But Primark have some nice ones at the moment, also Asos.

The sweat avoiders.

Last but not least, the holy grail. Summer heat, even in England is too much for me. So i do everything in my power to AVOID such grossness. So very quickly without ranting and raving about every product in great detail to the point where your phone dies from reading too long, lets very quickly go through them L-R.

  • Makeup Revolution Base Fix Fixing Spray. Link. This stuff has been my favourite for years, the only fixing spray i have used that actually stops my makeup from sliding off of my face. The best thing about this one is that they have the base fix, and also an oil control one. Doesn’t really have a smell which is great, and is super cheap!
  • Beauty Formulas Body and Face Cooling Mist. Link. I mean, you could also just put water in a spray can and it would be the same, but its convenient that you can pre buy with no effort! The only difference is is that this one is slightly perfumed, and has a lid. But we love it! Especially when around the beach. Want to sunbathe more, but also hot and sweaty? Misty here is your gal.
  • Right Guard Mens Deoderant. Link. For some reason, men’s deodorant is stronger and more useful than women’s i find. I live on this one, due to my self conscious body always thinking i need more spray, but in Right Guard, we trust. Its not too strong in smell, and is cooling, and quite dry, which is good for those super hot days.
  • Frizz Ease Serum. Link. My one and only product i use on my hair. I don’t believe you should swarm your hair with products, but the frizz, has got to go. This serum you only need the smallest of amounts, so the bottle lasts a while, and is great for getting rid of those unwanted whispies, to which i seem to be covered in. So if like me, the humidity likes to make your hair grow in size, get yourself some of this.
  • Garnier Micellar Water and Combination Wipes. Link & Link. Last but not least, my two ‘end of the day’ products. My wipes are superdrug’s own brand, but they are one of the only oil control wipes i find that actually wipe the oils off, but do not leave you super dry after. The micellar water, i have heard mixed reviews, but i love it! I use the one for combination oily skin, and i swear by it. It’s like an extra fresh cleanser, so you know all your makeup is off when you go to bed, no cloggy pores for you. Also, if i have no makeup days, i find being inside can make my skin oily, so i may use this 2-3 times over the day to make myself feel more fresh. Fresh as a daisy that’s how we like it!

So when i said small and cheap things, i meant it. Its the little things that count and summer especially is about comfort, and ease, and fun! If you have owned any of these products/items, give me your opinion in the comments, i would love to hear what you think! Or if you have any recommendations for me to review, leave them below too!

If you would like, hit the subscribe button to get notified when i post next! Just scroll down a little more and you will see. You will also see my social buttons, hit them too. 😉

Thanks for reading, and welcome back to those who have been love you long time readers. If this is your first read of mine, i hope you stick around. 🙂

Until next time.

Soph x

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